Cracked Skin – Fill In Those Gaps

When you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, your skin cracks, thus presenting you with painful slits or fissures. They cause agony even while doing simple movements.


Your skin cracks and it can give you terrible pain. The hands and feet are the most vulnerable spots for this problem. Usually, the areas between toes and on the heels are affected.


But other spots like the mouth, lips, cheeks etc. too can be affected. These fissures, if neglected, can cause infection. Generally, women who wear open-backed heels and slides are affected.


Treatment for the cracked skin:


  • Soak yourself: The best treatment for dry skin is to have a good bath every night before going to sleep. This enables your skin cells to absorb water, since these cells are like sponge. You can also soak the affected body part for about 20 minutes in warm water and then pat dry. Epsom salt and essential oils are also a great aide.


  • Apply a moisturizer or salve: It’s no secret cracked skin is dry, so the best way to combat it is by keeping it hydrated.


  • Stick the cracks: You can either get a pedicure professionally done, or have an at-home spa night! This will actually scrub off the dead skin from your feet. The same goes for your face, exfoliation followed by hydration will rid your skin of the dead cells and hydrate the new ones.


  • Avoid tartar toothpaste: If you suffer from cracked lips, minimize your usage of tartar toothpaste. This toothpaste contains compounds that irritate the mucous membranes and other sensitive tissues. These toothpastes leave the skin cracked and cause a rash which itches around the mouth.


Following some of the above mentioned steps can help you in preventing/curing cracked skin.


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