The Ultimate Anti-aging Guide

Keeping young and healthy is actually very easy when you know how. This checklist will walk you through all the important steps to that you know exactly what you need to do to stay looking and feeling young.

Know the Problem

Sometimes our aging is due to illness or other unavoidable causes. But often it’s the result of:


  • Lack of movement, leading to poor mobility


  • Lack of challenge or engagement, loneliness


  • Poor nutrition


  • Sun damage


  • Lack of sleep


  • Lack of selfcare routine


  • Stress


What are the actual causes your aging physically?

There are many things:

  • Not taking proper care of your skin


  • Damage to the cells from free radicals, UV rays and more


  • Shortening of the telomeres, leading to imperfect copies of cells and mutations


  • Hormonal changes: menopause or low testosterone


  • Lifestyle changes – reduction in activity, social stimulus


  • Lack of movement, resulting in damage to the body over time and poor mobility


  • Reduction in mitochondria, leading to low energy levels


  • Lack of cognitive challenge and novelty, reducing brain plasticity


Fix the Problem

So what do you do to fix this?

Here are some top pointers:



Start with gentle walking and any kind of activity. Don’t let yourself get to the point where you are barely ever moving.

move image


Don’t treat your body like it’s made of glass. You’re just getting older, not dead!


Find a good personal trainer who understands functional movement and get them to challenge you.


Get outside – vitamin D will do your body a world of good.


Challenge your brain

Don’t let yourself sink into the same routine day in and out, or stop going out.


Keep challenging yourself with new things.

sudoku image


Computer games are a great tool. That’s because every new game has new rules and requires you to learn and develop new motor skills – which in turn is great for your brain.


Socializing is highly important.


Join classes and put yourself out there. It’s never too late to be what you always wanted to be. That means you can use your time in retirement to begin a pet project like writing a novel, starting your own business.


Make lifestyle changes while you’re young


Avoid direct sunlight which will cause skin damage.


Begin a consistent skincare routine. Wear sun block and take opportunities to get some shade.


Prioritize your sleep as this is when your body produces growth hormone and testosterone to repair your body.


Avoid stress – stress ages you more than anything else. For evidence, just look at any president before and after they served in office.



Many of the problems we associate with old age are mainly due to poor nutrition in our youth. Make sure you are getting all of your micronutrients at every age.

food image


At the same time, fuel yourself with plenty of protein, which acts as the building blocks for our skin, muscle and bones!


Think about trying nootropics. Nootropics are brain foods and supplements that can prevent age-related cognitive decline in numerous ways.



Hair: Guys, shave your head if you are losing your hair.


Women consider using a product that only dyes your grey hairs as you’re getting older.


Avoid harsh chemicals that strip hair of its natural oils. Try a more natural approach.


Skin: Ladies, begin a healthy and constant skincare routine. Make changes that only benefit the skin instead of damaging it. 


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