Which one are you?

It’s time to confess: which one are you? Do you follow a skincare routine at night or you go directly to bed? 🌙 After a long day, it is perfectly normal that you just want to go sleep. However, taking 5 minutes for yourself can actually help you relax before going to bed. 💤 If you feel lazy, follow a quick ritual: at least clean your face and apply some moisturizer. You will look radiant when you wake up! ✨


Es momento de confesar: ¿sigues un ritual para cuidar tu piel por la noche o te vas directo a la cama? 🌙 Después de un día largo, es normal que solo quieras dormir. Sin embargo, tomarte 5 minutos para ti puede ayudarte a relajarte antes de acostarte. 💤 Si te da pereza, hazlo rápido: al menos limpia tu rostro y aplica un poco de crema humectante. Así, te verás radiante por la mañana. ✨


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